Gym for Life Challenge


  • Thursday May 25th 2017
  • Friday May 26th 2017
  • Saturday May 27th 2017 (finals)


  • artistic gymnastics floor:  Small group (5 - 15)
  • artistic gymnastics floor:  Large group (16 of more)
  • Remaining: Small group (5 - 15)
  • Remaining: Large group (16 of more)

To retain the category, at least 3 groups have to participate


  • Click here for the Entry Form Gym For Life IAG 2017
  • Click here for the package-deals IAG 2017

The Contest

  • The demo should at least last 1 minute and a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Music is optional but not mandatory. Instrumental and singing are both allowed.
  • The use of attributes, and make up is allowed
  • The use of small apparatus is allowed, but only in advance, when in consultation with the organization.
  • Requests for special lighting is permitted, but must be specified in advance with the organisation.
  • The maximum available space is 12 by 12 meters
  • There are 3 different floors: artistic gymnastics floor, Rhythmic gymnastics floor or a sports hall floor.
  • The organization has 1 mini trampoline “open-end”, 3 landing mats and 6 small basis mats which you can use.
  • Beforehand, there is time for a short warm up

There are 4 different categories:

1. artistic gymnastics floor:  Small group (5 - 15)

2. artistic gymnastics floor:  Large group (16 or more)

3. Remaining: Small group (5 - 15)

4. Remaining: Large group (16 or more)

To retain the category, at least 3 groups have to participate



Each group will be judged on the following points with a maximum score of 5 points:

1. Entertainment value

2. Innovation, originality and variety

3. Technique, quality and safety

4. Overall impression

  • There are 4 judges who must have knowledge of: acrobatic, choreography and technique components
  • Each judge gives each component a maximum of 5 points. By adding the 4 components together it creates a score up to 20 points. The scores from all judges are added together and cause a maximum score of 80 points.
  • There is a cup for numbers 1,2 and 3 

Each club participating in the Contest should bring their national flag. The Head of Delegation has to deliver this flag to the accreditation office.


Marathonloop 7
5235 AA, 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands