Rope Skipping


  • Thursday May 25th 2017(Qualification)
  • Friday May 26th 2017 (Qualification)
  • Saturday May 27th 2017 (Finals)


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FISAC Rules For alle competitions (except for the Gym For Life challenge) the FISAC-IRSF 2015-2016 Rule Book will be applied. However, since it is not an official FISAC-IRSF competition participants can ignore specific FISAC-IRSF related event details. For example: the maximum amount of skippers competing per country. Also the order in which the events are jumped will be different from the official rule book.
Link to the official rule book: ​ Categories There are two age categories available: - Youth (born in 2003, 2004 or 2005) - Senior (born in 2002 and earlier)

Furthermore, we mix the genders in the same age category. Male and female are in one category and competing against each other.
Events All official FISAC master events are jumped in the competition. This includes: - Speed sprint 30 seconds - Speed endurance 3 minutes - Freestyle. And excludes the triple unders event.

Also for teams all official FISAC events are jumped. In other words: - Single rope speed relay - Double dutch speed relay - Single rope pair freestyle - Single rope team freestyle - Double dutch single freestyle - Double dutch pair freestyle

The team events can only be jumped by the senior skippers.


Marathonloop 7
5235 AA, 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands