General info

The registration for the Women's Artistic Gymnastics at the IAG 2019 is FULL!
It is no longer possible to register!


  • Pupil N1, N2
  • Youth  FIG N1, N2, N3, Youth C, Youth D
  • Junior FIG, B, C, D
  • Senior FIG, B, C, supplement A


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Questions? Please contact us at

Marathonloop 7
5235 AA, 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands


Additional information will be updated asap

  • Thursday May 30th 2019 competition
  • Friday May 31th 2019 competition
  • Saturday June 1 2019 coachcongres
  • Sunday June nd 2019 coachcongres

Tournament grouping & results

Here you'll find the grouping information and the results:

Click here to download the participants layout

Click here to download the (global) time schedule

Women's Artistic Gymnastics