General info

We will provide food and drinks during the shifts you’re volunteering. The following rules apply:

If you are a volunteer for 1 day:

  • Free access to zone 2 on this day
  • Lunch
  • T-shirt
  • Access to the volunteer diner on Sunday

If you are a volunteer for multiple days (at least 2 days):

  • Free access to zone 2 on these days
  • Possibility to stay the night between these days
  • Three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, diner)
  • T-shirt
  • Access to the volunteer diner on Sunday

In short, are you ready to work with us and make this event even more fantastic? Before you know, the event is already there. We as organisation can’t wait for it!

See you there,

On behalf of the coordinator volunteers IAG 2019


Do you want to be a volunteer at this all-round event? Then make sure you sign up!

You can do this in several ways:

  1. Have you been a volunteer at this event before and would you like to be again this year? Fill in the entry form (link below) and email it to Make sure you attach the entry form to your mail. This is the easiest way to confirm your spot as volunteer in the organisation of the IAG Sportevent!
  2. By the route of this volunteer page you also can find the entry form. You can watch this file, download it (link below) and fill in your contact information. Send the entry form to

Click for the entry form here.


You might me wondering: which tasks are there for volunteers and do I have any say in it?

At IAG, we would like to make sure that every volunteer works in the right place in the organisation, to be the best that they can be. Therefore, there are several departments with specific tasks within the organisation where you can sign up to. You can state your preferences and then we’ll find the right spot for you. Since there is a maximum amount of people that can be assigned to a department, make sure to do this in time! Choose a department or task where you’re interested in or wish to learn more about or a department where you have lots of experience in, it’s up to you!

The following departments are available:


Do you have some experience or are you interested in media and press? Then we are searching for you! This is the department where you fit in. You’re helping with the (inter)national communication and news about the IAG Sportevent  and makes sure that everybody knows what is happening in ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands!

International tournament

This is a big and spectacular part of the event. Therefore, every help is welcome! The tasks for volunteers in this department are all-round. You will provide service, answer questions about the tournament or take care of other tasks in the building. These tasks are but a few examples and next to that, you get to see what happens behind the scenes during an international gymnastic tournament!


There is a possibility for (elite)gymnasts to take part in a trainingcamp during the IAG Sportevent ! The gymnastics (and coaches) have a great number of activities and are training in a different setting and location as they normally would. Therefore, they will stay at the IAG campsite, a flexotel or a normal hotel in ‘s Hertogenbosch. Would you like to help organise this and help making their stay a terrific one? Then this department is definitely your favourite!


During the IAG Sportevent  there will be several workshops. These workshops have different subjects and therefore it’s not possible to say much beforehand about the tasks that need to be done. Nonetheless, your help is very welcome at workshops such as: salsa dancing, pole dancing and circus workshops



As a volunteer you are welcome to help as much as you can. However, it is possible that you are unavailable on one or several days or parts during the day. We’d like to ask you to note down your availability on the entry form so we can take that into account when planning!

You can sign up for whole days, or for three different parts of the day if you are not available a full day. The different times can be found below:

  • Morning (08.00-13.00)
  • Afternoon (13.00-18.00)
  • Evening (18.00-23.00)

Exemplary role

As a volunteer of the IAG  you have an exemplary role. Make sure you are conscious about this role and set an example for everyone you see or speak! If you are having fun, then others will have fun too. Together we will make the event unforgettable!

An exemplary volunteer makes sure that:

  • He/she has a friendly and helpful attitude
  • He/she is enthusiastic and has a smile on her/his face
  • He/she has got a tidy appearance
  • He/she is flexible and is able to cope with stress


To make sure that everything goes well during the event, it is important to make some agreements about your presence. The coordinator of your department will make an appointment with you about the time schedule. If not, then make sure that you are 15 minutes before the start of your day or part of the day on your location. Is this location unknown to you? Then the information desk of the Flik-flak accomodation can tell you!

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