General info

The IAG offers a wide variety of activities to watch and to enjoy yourself at the IAG grounds. The program gives a general impression of what you can do all day.

€ 5,00
€ 25,00 (=Zone 1 included)
= Free zone
= Experience zone
Zone 1*
Zone 2*

There are various zones of admittance for the IAG. Each zone allows you on the IAG terrain to watch and enjoy in various degrees.

Zone 1 = Free zone ( 5 euro)

The free zone allows access to the IAG grounds. This zone include the IAG square with it Open podium, bouncing cushions, Tonny's Terrace, lounge corner. You can watch everything that goes on at the IAG like the International Tournaments and the Gym For Life Challenge.

Zone 1 tickets you have to buy at the ticket office

Zone 2 = Experience zone (25 euro)

You can partake in 3 different workshops. All workshops will take 45 minutes. A experience zone ticket entitles you to take part in three workshops. The workshops are not bound to age, there is something to enjoy for everyone.

Zone 2 tickets you can buy by sending a mail to Workshop options will be sent for the chosen day.

The program is still under construction and in the process of being expanded.
Subjected to change.

When you register for one or more sub-activities during the IAG 2019, the general terms and conditions apply.