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Do you have a great demo and would you like to participate in competitions?

Read more about the international demo competition "Gym For Life Challenge" below.


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Note: registration deadline is on March 22!

The Contest

  • A demo is given by a group of at least 5 gymnasts. As long as safety is not at stake, there is no maximum.
  • The demo is given on an artistic gymnastics floor (12 x 12 meters) / sports hall floor (10 x 10 meters).
  • The demo contains partner elements - individual elements - dance.
  • The duration of the demo is a maximum of 5 minutes and a minimum of 1 minute.
  • The use of attributes and makeup is allowed.
  • Clothing: everything is allowed, as long as it is not inappropriate or dangerous.
  • Attributes, hand material, and props are allowed (bring your own).
  • Music choice is free and not mandatory. Instrumental and singing are both allowed.
  • Requests for special lighting is permitted but must be specified in advance with the organization.
  • Appliances on the floor are only permitted in consultation. There are three thick mats. Bring your own safety equipment and arrange your own catchers.
  • The height of the competition arena is 14 meters. There is no suspension point for tissues, rings, ropes, etc.
  • Beforehand, there is time for a short warm up

Participation and registration fee

  • Show groups and demo teams compete for the IAG Cup (numbers 1, 2 and 3).
  • Every organization can register with one or more demos.
  • You can register until March 22, 2020. The registration fee is € 25.00 per group or team. The registration will be confirmed by email, after receiving the completed registration form and the payment. Participants and coaches have free access to the IAG site on the competition day from 9 a.m.

On the other pages on this website, you can see the day programs.


Each group will be judged on the following points with a maximum score of 5 points:

1. Entertainment value

2. Innovation, originality and variety

3. Technique, quality and safety

4. Overall impression

  • There are 4 judges who must have knowledge of: acrobatic, choreography and technique components
  • Each judge gives each component a maximum of 5 points. By adding the 4 components together it creates a score up to 20 points. The scores from all judges are added together and cause a maximum score of 80 points.
  • There is a cup for numbers 1,2 and 3

Each club participating in the Contest should bring their national flag. The Head of Delegation has to deliver this flag to the accreditation office.

For Questions please contact us at:

Marathonloop 7
5235 AA, 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands


Additional information is added asap.

  • Saturday May 23th 2020 Qualification & Final (top 8)

Tournament grouping & results

Here you'll soon find the grouping information and the results:

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Gym for Life Challenge