General information

Note: Registration for Women's Artistic Gymnastics starts in December !!


  • Pupil N1, N2
  • Youth  FIG N1, N2, N3, Youth C, Youth D
  • Junior FIG, B, C, D
  • Senior FIG, B, supplement A


Note: The Women's Artistic Gymnastics competition is full !!

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If you have questions regarding the technical rules, please send an e-mail to

Training camps and workshops

From May 21st  to May 24th, workshops and opportunities to use the training facilities for own purposes, for all levels, are given. To participate in the Training camps during IAG, check out Camps & Training camps. More information about the workshops will follow shortly.

Admission tickets for the public are €5 per person

These cards provide access for the entire day and numerous free activities such as: Watching all competitions and shows, join the activities on the IAG square, bouncing cushions, sport court etc.

Questions? Please contact us at

Marathonloop 7
5235 AA, 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands


Additional information will be updated asap

  • Thursday 21 May 2020 coachcongres
  • Friday 22 May 2020 competition
  • Saturday 23 May 2020 competition
  • Sunday 24 May 2020 training camp

Tournament grouping & results

Here you'll find the grouping information and the results:

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  • Click here to download the (global) time schedule

Women's Artistic Gymnastics