General information

Your Stage: The stage for your moves!

Six gymnasts, three dancers and five tough freerunners sharing their passion on stage together? It's possible! Your Stage offers a platform to all athletes to show their gym sport moves in a recreational way.

Showing a shared passion on stage with pleasure, meeting new people in the gym sport and stealing the show are central at Your Stage. Your Stage includes various events per year where athletes of all gym sports disciplines and of all ages can take the stage together with their own demo.


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Registration is done via email, at (Register before 16 May)

Participants in the Your Stage program can also participate for free in the IAG program - Note: FULL = FULL

Costs amount to € 25,- per team including two people.

No rules

Your Stage gives participants the opportunity to express their passion on stage. And the following applies: no rules! The participants put together a show group themselves to develop the demo to their own liking. The group size, the decoration, the attributes and the music are determined by themselves. It is even possible to make a demo in which various gym sports disciplines have a place. This gives Your Stage the opportunity to give each demo a personal touch.

The time limit of an act is 6 minutes, including the build up and dismantling of the act.

Day program

In addition to the performance Your Stage, we also offer a morning program full of dance and spectacle. You can find the program on the left side of this page. The program is free if you participate in the performance Your Stage.

Are you also coming over to enjoy a whole day with your dance, circus, turn, acro, theater or demo group?

Questions about Your Stage, the Your Stage Events or the World Gymnastraeda? Then mail at

Program / Timetable

  • 10:30 Warming-up on the square.
  • 11:30 Dance workshop kids 6-8y and 10-12y.
  • 11:45 Air-cushion spectacle..
  • 12:30 Dance workshop kids 8-10y and 12-14y.
  • 12:30 Various challenges.
  • 13:30 Dance workshop kids 6-8y and 10-12y.
  • 14:00 Fun games.
  • 14:30 Dance workshop kids 8-10y and 12-14y.
  • 15:30 Warm-up for Your Stage participants.
  • 16:30 Room opens up for audience.
  • 17:00 Start of Your Stage performance.

Your Stage