General information

During this edition of the IAG you can jump for 3 days and participate in activities at the Air cushion Festival on our tumbling track and bouncer.

Do you want even more of a jumping spectacle? This is possible with the Sport and Game Card from Lilianefonds. This card can be purchased separately. These cards cost €5.00, the proceeds from this will go entirely to the Liliane fund. With this card you have access to all air cushions and you can participate in all spectacular sport and game activities.

Also see: Lilianefonds Sports and Game Card


Jumping and playing is fun, as long as it is safe. This is why the IAG organisation has a number of house rules for the square. We trust that the children, parents and caretakers respect these rules.

  • Children must be accompanied at all times by 1 or more elderly people (18 years or older) who are responsible for them.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • For safety reasons, children should not eat chewing gum on the IAG site.
  • The parents are expected to see to it that the children stay in the designated area.
  • Visitors (children, parents and supervisors) must obey any instructions from the staff.
  • Playing and exercising on the square is always at your own risk. The organisation of the IAG is not liable for damage that occurred during play.
  • The IAG assumes no liability for loss or theft of your belongings.

Program / Timetable

  • Entire day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Bounce Festival